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FOUNDED IN 2013 as a vehicle for offering current perspective-altering concepts and research through education, THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT entered a new format and phase of its evolution in May of 2014 when it was recruited to bring its scientific exploration of consciousness, perception, and reality to the lineup aboard paranormal & alternative talk radio powerhouse, The KGRA DIGITAL BROADCASTING STATION (KGRA-db).


And so, New Science Revolution Talk Radio was born.


'THE Q.' debuted across the globe on September 19th, 2014, and has steadily solidified a foothold in the dedicated listenership of KGRA, who return each week to explore the newest research on the cusp of - and beyond - accepted mainstream science.


THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT will be returning to the KGRA broadcast schedule on JULY 10th, 2020 with return guest Robert Podgurski, author of The Sacred Alignments and Sigils - follow @QPSIENCE across social media for future guest and topic information!

JILL HANSON: FOUNDER + HOST. Jill Hanson is a writer, speaker, independent researcher, talk radio host, and currently pursuing her MNM/DNM. She received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA, completing her undergraduate thesis in Quantum Consciousness and Neurodiversity.

With a broad academic background spanning Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Astrophysics, and Fine Art, Jill brings not only a strong interdisciplinary foundation and approach to the scientific exploration of the nature of Consciousness, perception, and reality, but also an active, lifelong passion for the inquiries of science, the paranormal, subjective reality, perception, and the inherent relationships between these disciplined areas of inquiry.

Jill balances her research through THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT with a venture into the integration of SELF (individual, identity)| SCIENCE (current paradigm)| SOURCE (ultimate, fundamental Reality) as Founder of Q.SYZYGY. Through Q.SYZYGY, Jill combines the rigorous scholarship and knowledge she has gained through graduate-level studies in Consciousness & Transformative Studies, with the spectrum of research, real-world knowledge, and experience. From Jill’s personal success in corporate business management and creative business ventures, 20 years of personal contemplative athletic practice & plant-based nutrition, to a lifetime as a peer counselor and mentor – she offers a deep skill-set gained through the trials and triumphs of her own evolution, in the hopes of helping others more clearly and brazenly navigate their own.

Jill was a scheduled presenter at the 2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, and has been a featured guest on The Richard Dolan Show, Midnight In the Desert with Heather Wade, FATE Magazine Radio, and other popular talk radio shows.

















DAN WILLIS: SUPPRESSED TECHNOLOGIES + DISCLOSURE. An ex-radio broadcast engineer and ABC newsman, DAN WILLIS has taken a keen interest in how the mainstream media continues to be used as a tool for curating a powerful "agreed upon" reality, intended to keep disclosure out of the reach of the general and interested public. On the last Wednesday of every month Dan joins THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT Founder JILL HANSON to co-host THE Q.'s special broadcast show OBJECTIVE: REALITY, bringing into conversation esteemed guests who are uniquely qualified and experienced to pierce through the many layers of disinformation and challenge listeners' perception matrix.


In the early 1980's, Dan worked closely with the late MARCEL VOGEL (1917 - 1991) during his pioneering research to scientifically link consciousness with geometrical forms as exemplified in quartz crystals, also investigating the therapeutic application of quartz crystals and the relationship between crystals and water. In 2001, Dan was one of the top-secret military witnesses who testified at the National Press Club event in Washington DC before the major mainstream media - a historic world disclosure event aimed at evidencing the necessity of a congressional hearing regarding rogue, illegal secret government operations and the extraterrestrial reality. Hearings were being sought in order to bring forth the over 500 military and intelligence witnesses to testify, and provoke the release of technologies which had been derived from extraterrestrial origins, reverse engineered by scientists within these black projects - far advanced technologies which have been hidden for over 60 years, and could put an end to archaic industries and technologies which damage our planet.


Dan brings to THE Q.PSIENCE PROJECT decades worth of in-the-trenches knowledge and experience in Exopolitics/ET/UFOlogy, Free/Zero Point Energy/The Black Projects, and more - including privileged insight gained through Top Secret, Crypto Level 14 with ESM (Extra Sensitive Material handling) clearance. Follow Dan's research on the web:

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